Your Testimony


Picture Credit – by Morning Star

A prominent television minister once told the story of him buying some new tires for his automobile at a cheap price. After leaving the tire place he commented to his wife, “these cheap tires probably won’t last long” she commented to him back, “THAT’S YOUR TESTIMONY.”      What’s your testimony?

Your Testimony

Everyday a testimony
Way you live
Way you talk
In the spirit
In the flesh
One thing you can bet
Your life’s a testimony

Some think testimony
Church you speak
Things reality
Your whole being a peak
Every day
All the time
Your life is a testimony

Like a public statue
You’re looked at
Examined eyes afar
Looked at distance near
Don’t get aggravated
Your privacy invaded
Life and testimony viewed

We all know the trend
World looks at Christians
Many times we’re judged
Seems not right my friend
As Christians an open window
Many want to smear and touch
Your testimony easily smudge

What’s your testimony?
One of speaking praise
Happiness and deliverance
What does your life say?
Your life one of faith
That day heaven opening
Your testimony be??


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