Eye of The Storm




robert birkenesBy: robert birkenes Flickr.com Hurricane Dean: Some beauty also results from all the destructive force
I love the beauty of waving palm trees, even if the cause is a terrible hurricane. 1815 hrs 19 Aug 2007.


In a broad area of ravage and death of the hurricanes of this world, somewhere in the center there’s a place of peace and safety with Jesus ..the eye of the storm!

Eye of The Storm

In a hurricane wicked

Winds of Violence

Deadly debris whizzin’

Hurt and death riotous

But there’s a calm

Midst the evil turmoil

Eye of the storm

As the three Hebrew children

A furnace more than warm

Inside a safe pavilion

Place with Jesus near

The eye of the storm

Jesus told the disciples

Send you as sheep among wolves

Others like Stephen trials

But as being stoned seen Jesus

Glory of knowing the rules

A peace ..eye of the storm

For a heavenly view

Must climb a mountain

After the fight victory

Sweat as drops of blood

Strength at Gethsemane

Wilderness food forsook

Jesus forty days and nights

Satan thought advantage

Jesus with the Word fights

Then the eye of the storm

Sweet safety from evil damage

There’s a place here

In this world’s hurricane

In but not of this world steer

Gates of hell we’ll sustain

These shall not prevail

Because we’re standing strong

Storms here of no avail

With Jesus safely throng

No danger, eye of the storm!!

NOAA SatellitesBy: NOAA Satellites   Flickr.com The Eye of Super Typhoon Vongfong (2014)



3 thoughts on “Eye of The Storm

      1. Really does often take a storm for us to know His loving protective grace and our helplessness. Decades ago I heard a pastor say peace wasn’t the calm of a sunset as it was stillness of a bird in her nest in the heart of a storm.


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