Left Out

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Kid little gir… Kid Playing Alone Sad …

Story ..boy named Billy always seemed ..left out!

Left Out

Billy seemed a normal kid
Talents though seemed few
School something about him
He himself felt and knew
Many times Billy ..left out!

Tears he’d hide as playin’
Billy, last chosen or not at all
Two teams two leaders, Billy prayin’
This time somebody his name call
As usual Billy standing ..left out!

At home his parents the same
Working, resting, or sleeping
Never seemed to call Billy’s name
Some nights though dreaming
He’d feel the joys ..never left out!

Billy became a loner, comfortable now
Talked to himself, played alone
One day playing, neighbor praying aloud
Man kneeling front porch his home
Billy listened man prayed, seemed left out

Only a fence to separate
The old man raised up, noticed Billy
Out of the blue, why do you pray?
Odd look from the old man as if silly
Billy had asked, this time not left out!

The old man ..way I talk to God
Billy had prayed before, not like him
Something sincere, words a lot
God is a special friend, never forsaken
Known Him many years, never left without!

That day Billy found a new friend
Two really, the old man and Jesus
As he taught Billy, forgiveness of sin
Serving Jesus there’s lots of reasons
Billy knew one well ..you’re never left out!!






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