Lord.. What You Have Given Me





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You can’t out give the Lord, you can’t out bless Him. His blessings are more vast than the oceans and out measure all the depths of space above!

Lord.. What You Have Given Me


Something I never knew

Something I’ve never experienced

More than anything more true

Real I need nothing else to convince

Lord what you have given me!

I asked your Spirit, my heart

Chills covered my outward being

Thrills filled my inward part

Sins of my past fleeing

Oh this feeling You have given me!

Something happened I can’t explain

With words never fully tell

But this bread of life easily sustain

This new wine I drank they don’t sell

Lord surely This feeling I am drunk on!

A new world opened, the Spiritual realm

Here no cloudy days, here no turmoil

Present world, but nothing overwhelm

In this world, not of.. here fertile soil

Spiritual things grow, Lord feeds me!

Lord thanks, all to me given freely!!


5 thoughts on “Lord.. What You Have Given Me

  1. God Bless you my brother Ronnie. God has blessed you with such a wonderful gift of poetry and expression. Through the words that you write to bring glory to the Lord is quite special. It is finally nice to be able to once again leave you with words of encouragement in a comment box that works. Love in Christ Jesus our Lord, James.


    1. God Bless you also brother James, I love the way you let God use you and through His Word you are opening doors and planting seeds of faith and truth. I pray that you keep up the good work, your work in this way of Bible Studies and helping people in God’s Word is a special work …a special calling that will prove to be fertile soil for seeds of God’s Word that will lead to great things in many souls. Your a blessing brother James as a co-laborer for God and as a friend ..God Bless ….Ronnie


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