What Kind of Crown?

Once a crown of thorns, once a crown of shame and pain, but it won’t happen again! Next time every knee shall bow, every tongue confess at the name of Jesus the true King and God who He really is!

What Kind of Crown?


Crown weaved of thorns
One that was to disgrace
A crown that only scorns
One of pain, blood His face
What kind of crown?
Given to the only real King
Ever this earth found
Why Jesus this crown
Of thorns and shame?
He was and is royalty
Deserved one silver and gold
He King of Kings
If they had known
All the miracles and things
If understand if told
He was God’s Son
His beloved and only
What kind of crown?
He didn’t deserve this place
Between heaven and earth lonely
Mocking and laughing
Didn’t they realize who?
Fun, gambling lots casting
Purple robe stripped rude
What kind of crown?
Tell me this crown of thorns
Upon Jesus head, down
Piercing flesh as blood runs
Some day after the resurrection
He and His saints return
Rule and reign thousand years
No blood from crown of thorns
No tears of shame or pain
What kind of crown
This powerful King
I’ll tell you what kind
During the millennial reign
Jesus will wear one divine
All will know ..He the King
Royalty, precious pure gold
That’s what kind of crown!!

“And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.”

Revelations 19:16

Cover of King of Kings





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