Eye of The Storm




robert birkenesBy: robert birkenes Flickr.com Hurricane Dean: Some beauty also results from all the destructive force
I love the beauty of waving palm trees, even if the cause is a terrible hurricane. 1815 hrs 19 Aug 2007.


In a broad area of ravage and death of the hurricanes of this world, somewhere in the center there’s a place of peace and safety with Jesus ..the eye of the storm!

Eye of The Storm

In a hurricane wicked

Winds of Violence

Deadly debris whizzin’

Hurt and death riotous

But there’s a calm

Midst the evil turmoil

Eye of the storm

As the three Hebrew children

A furnace more than warm

Inside a safe pavilion

Place with Jesus near

The eye of the storm

Jesus told the disciples

Send you as sheep among wolves

Others like Stephen trials

But as being stoned seen Jesus

Glory of knowing the rules

A peace ..eye of the storm

For a heavenly view

Must climb a mountain

After the fight victory

Sweat as drops of blood

Strength at Gethsemane

Wilderness food forsook

Jesus forty days and nights

Satan thought advantage

Jesus with the Word fights

Then the eye of the storm

Sweet safety from evil damage

There’s a place here

In this world’s hurricane

In but not of this world steer

Gates of hell we’ll sustain

These shall not prevail

Because we’re standing strong

Storms here of no avail

With Jesus safely throng

No danger, eye of the storm!!

NOAA SatellitesBy: NOAA Satellites   Flickr.com The Eye of Super Typhoon Vongfong (2014)


Left Out

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Kid little gir… Kid Playing Alone Sad …

Story ..boy named Billy always seemed ..left out!

Left Out

Billy seemed a normal kid
Talents though seemed few
School something about him
He himself felt and knew
Many times Billy ..left out!

Tears he’d hide as playin’
Billy, last chosen or not at all
Two teams two leaders, Billy prayin’
This time somebody his name call
As usual Billy standing ..left out!

At home his parents the same
Working, resting, or sleeping
Never seemed to call Billy’s name
Some nights though dreaming
He’d feel the joys ..never left out!

Billy became a loner, comfortable now
Talked to himself, played alone
One day playing, neighbor praying aloud
Man kneeling front porch his home
Billy listened man prayed, seemed left out

Only a fence to separate
The old man raised up, noticed Billy
Out of the blue, why do you pray?
Odd look from the old man as if silly
Billy had asked, this time not left out!

The old man ..way I talk to God
Billy had prayed before, not like him
Something sincere, words a lot
God is a special friend, never forsaken
Known Him many years, never left without!

That day Billy found a new friend
Two really, the old man and Jesus
As he taught Billy, forgiveness of sin
Serving Jesus there’s lots of reasons
Billy knew one well ..you’re never left out!!





Lord.. What You Have Given Me





the thrill of victory … the agony of da feet jpeg believinginchristjesus.wordpress.com

You can’t out give the Lord, you can’t out bless Him. His blessings are more vast than the oceans and out measure all the depths of space above!

Lord.. What You Have Given Me


Something I never knew

Something I’ve never experienced

More than anything more true

Real I need nothing else to convince

Lord what you have given me!

I asked your Spirit, my heart

Chills covered my outward being

Thrills filled my inward part

Sins of my past fleeing

Oh this feeling You have given me!

Something happened I can’t explain

With words never fully tell

But this bread of life easily sustain

This new wine I drank they don’t sell

Lord surely This feeling I am drunk on!

A new world opened, the Spiritual realm

Here no cloudy days, here no turmoil

Present world, but nothing overwhelm

In this world, not of.. here fertile soil

Spiritual things grow, Lord feeds me!

Lord thanks, all to me given freely!!

Could it be Just You?






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You feel so blessed, food, family, and friends, house to live and a place to lay your head. Your not rich, but in another way you are, your days finding peace, your nights finding rest or could it be just you?


Could It be Just You?

Your morning feels so blessed
You awake, kneel and pray
You thank the Lord, night’s rest
Prayer such a nearness what a day
Life great or could it be just you?

Smile as the morning, wife and kids
Work and school everyone soon gone
Blessing at breakfast, His Spirit the midst
Wife and I dishes, she hums a song
Praise, blessed or is it just you?

Work a blessing, so many don’t have
Pray without ceasing, your mind pleasing
Yes few problems, but life isn’t sad
New life found, not with man’s reasoning
Happy or could it be just you?

End of the day, backed up traffic
Home, be a while spend time praying
Some cursing, honking ..for you no havoc
Found a blessed peace, place staying
Oh God, I know not only could it be, it is just YOU!!



God Sent…





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We see everyday trucks delivering tons, mega-ships cross the ocean carry, but all of this pails in comparison with what God sends from heaven every second!

God Sent..


God sent a bird

As a morning delight

I believe a song of praise

It sung that I heard

Then the rays of the sun

I longed as my dog Smokey

Lay beside a grassy fence row

With him also soak the warmth

God then sent a squirrel

Chirping, gathering for winter cold

In my thoughts I meditated

The glory of God filled my soul

Tears my eyes, His presence felt

Through a gate a field stroll

Smokey followed me, but hesitated

Along a wooded area praying

My heart begin to melt

In my spirit I felt God saying

I sent you a night of rest

I sent the mountains and fields

By these words alone I was blessed

His words went on as I list’

Sent the bounty of food, land yields

I sent men of old to inspire

Sent times of trial, many hold true

The animals, trees and prairies

But none of this sent to prove

That I Am That I Am

That My Word, truth carries

My Word, Already stood the test

I’ve sent prophets and preachers

Teachers and evangelist

Missionaries even John the Baptist

Finally I sent heaven’s best

My Son Jesus Christ the begotten

I’ve sent manna from heaven

To all I send blessing after blessing

Seems as time slips, I’m forgotten

You’ve noticed this morning

How even the animals and land

Worship me and see

I’m God, I’m the one adorning

Those who hear me I’ll never strand

Those who ignore me a warning

Love and grace I continually send

But time draweth nigh those who meet

Heaven’s cloud that reunion

All God’s people this earth meeting

A message to all …GOD SENT!!

Quote Credit – searchquote.com


It Just Happened That Way!

It’s easy to attack and destroy an act of creation. It’s a lot more difficult to perform one.”
― Chuck Palahniuk.
It Just Happened That Way!

Galaxies we see so magnificently

Inside each Galaxy stars and planets

Host of bodies near and distantly

Galaxies and stars the sky canvas

Some say, it just happened that way!

Thousands even millions suns shining

Planets and solar systems galore

Old stars dying, new a course designing

Dark holes sucking as a pressured door

Wonder ..it just happen that way?

Even our planet ..earth perfectly made

A part of our galaxy the milky way

Maybe here, maybe now ..we just strayed

This planet this galaxy some say

They think, just happened that way!

All the stars all these galaxies

With a big bang or some other theory

Evolved and move, some their analysis

Planets, comets, and asteroids to me eerie

All moving ..and it just happens that way!

I believe a higher power exists

Who by the word of His mouth

Whom omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient

Created all, His divine presence route

And nothing ..just happened that way!!

Quote Credit- www.goodreads.com

Bride of Christ


“Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.”
“And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”

–Revelation 19:7, 21:2.

Bride of Christ

John saw her

Descending from heaven

Her latter glory

Called her New Jerusalem

Such a beautiful story

What a beautiful bride

The bride of Christ

Revelation twenty one and nine

Last book, blessed Bible

Angel told a former disciple

John, come hither see the bride

Angel said, the Lamb’s wife

She’s betrothed now

Awaiting that blessed day

On a cloud the groom down

Coming for her, bride of Christ

She’s getting ready, garment white

Representing holiness and righteousness

Wedding dress, Christ’s lovely bride

Not a spot, wrinkle, or blemish

Marriage Supper heaven’s blue sky

Served by Jesus, bride of Christ

Paul said in Ephesians chapter five

Christ and Church, husbands love your wives

A man shall be joined to his wife

Flesh of His flesh, bone of His bones

Mystery, but also the bride of Christ

John saw ahead in time

He saw her in all her glory and pride

Church the bride of Christ

She’ll rule and reign with Him

Jesus Christ the groom

A thousand years the millennium

He’ll be coming soon

John saw her

Bride of Christ!!

Quote Reference – The Holy Bible