A Little Old Fashioned

As far back as I can remember, my mother would have me down by the bed at night with her, praying. I can still hear her voice calling my name to God and telling him that she wanted me to follow him in whatever he called me to do.”

–Charles R. Swindoll


Little old fashioned I guess
My family as I was growing
At night before bed the Bible
Daddy always read before bed
Little old fashioned, but it was best!

Family gather, reverence God’s Word
Daddy wasn’t mean, but quiet be
He wanted us all ..this reading heard
Never knew then, but now I see
Little old fashioned was good for me

Mama knew the Bible well, times explain
She’d talk then tears begin to flow
It was the Spirit of God on her like rain
Those times, all blessed her cup overflow
Daddy and mama ..little old fashioned

After the reading of Gods word, prayer
Daddy lead then mama join, sweet words
You know I knew God heard and us care
A boy, but I heard how God even the birds
Wondered why we, a little old fashioned

Each time before a meal, heads bowed
Grace was always said even before a taste
Times so hungry, but never a bite allowed
Until words of thanks, daddy said grace
Food ..sweat of the brow, old fashioned

Daddy and mama gone, way of the grave
Thoughts often how earnestly they sought
Heavens gain, righteous living streets paved
Pure gold, place awaited us children taught
Little old fashioned, childhood so blessed!!


Around the Table Book: Giving Thanks vs. Being Thankful

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I Will Rejoice

To whom honor is due honor should be given, our praises to our Savior should never become faint. A heart that cannot rejoice in our Lord might have trouble in giving Him due honor!


rejoice k

Do you rejoice when God answers prayer? | Cool Conversations Live

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In that moment, the Holy Spirit gripped my heart and soul and convicted me of not rejoicing and praising him for an answer to prayer.

I Will Rejoice


Should I whisper
Should I shout
Should I walk
Should I run
Oh, but I will rejoice

Feelings rampant
More than emotion
Should I cry
Should I laugh
Lord in You I rejoice

I care not the mockery
I’m changed inside
Should I pray
Should I worship
No doubts, yes I rejoice

Sad days defeated
Depression no place
Should I triumph
Should I praise
This victory I will rejoice

I know who I am
I know where I am
Should peace I know
Should tranquility reign
I should forever and I will ..rejoice!!

Deuteronomy 12:7

“There also you and your households shall eat before the LORD your God, and rejoice in all your undertakings in which the LORD your God has blessed you.”


Unbridled Tongue

The tongue so small yet so great, a tongue inspired can lead an army to victory, a foolish tongue can lead a nation to ruin,. An unbridled tongue is like a crazy animal bent on destruction.





Unbridled Tongue


Like a fire raging
Unbridled tongue
No mistaking
Many stung
Some died
If not physically
Then inside
Lies intentionally
Bible states
Such a small member
Damage rates
Unbridled tongue
As falling timber
Ripping and tearing
Trees around
Then a thud
Great timber down
Like a rudder
Turns the bow
Great ship
Tongue stutter
Words slip
Might as well a gun
Unbridled tongue
Of all the members
Body magnificent
One of many fears
Most think insignificant
Don’t be fooled
Lot of people done
Tongue not ruled
Damage those innocent
Loosed words run
More than torment
An unbridled tongue!!


The World Over

Man is amazed at how the waters underground and above ground make their way to the oceans. How God can put saltwater and fresh water together, but at the right place give fresh water and with the precise lay, rotation, and gravity there’s continual movement the water the earth even the oceans current.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Rivers flow
Route water taken
Winds may blow
Storms ragin’
Nothing hinder
Continual current
Onward to oceans render
The world over
Man may dam
Waters rolling wildly
Somewhere an overflow
God made this earth
Not uncle Sam
He may change mildly
When God speaks a stir
This world over
God’s Spirit as the waters
Satan’s winds ripple
Time of Christian slaughters
Those minds simple
Trying stop God’s Spirit
The world over
Those slaying God’s saints
Martyrs for God never forgotten
Godly Spirit God’s children
Now among heavenly ranks
God rules I’m tellin’
The world over
God’s Holy Spirit
Like the waters and rivers
Find the oceans mass
God’s Spirit, the hungry hear it
Place in some people’s soul last
Those skeptical better believe it
His Spirit is truth, reality, and more
And in control, the world over!!

He Restores: Devotion for Thursday August 7, 2014

This devotion teaches that when we truly turn to God, all we lost in our wilderness will be graciously restored by God.

2014-08-15_20h03_48k   Published by Uzoma in Christianity

He Restores: Devotion for Thursday August 7, 2014

Text: Joel 2:25 – So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the crawling locust, the consuming locust, and the chewing locust my great army which I sent among you (New King James Version).

Indeed those wasted years God shall restore to us. Do you know God can give you enough grace that He will crowd into the remaining days of your life much service/blessings that will recompense for those wasted years we mourn in humble penitence? Oh, if one had repented when he was young, he would have done this or that. You may have viewed those years in the hospital, no work, no spouse, etc. as wasted years. But it is not so.

However, the good news here is that we should not count them as wasted. If you have been mindful, you will know that those years, God was teaching you some lessons for your good. The good news is that God will restore everything the locust has eaten. The locust of backsliding, no job, bareness, sickness, no prospective spouse, no food to eat, etc, He has taken away. Never mind all you have passed through, they will turn out to be testimonies for you, which people will learn from and change. God has paid you back.

Food for Thought: Greatness does not come from contemplating about your past.

Prayer Points:

1) Thank and worship God of Restoration.

2) Ask God to restore all you have lost.

3) Bind every form of ‘locust’ eating your family’s health, income, etc.

4) Cover all you have with the blood of Jesus to make it bitter for the locust.

Written by Uzoma …about– I am a priest, counselor, an author of books and many unpublished work. I presently write ‘MY DAILY COVENANT WITH GOD’ – A daily devotional. I love reading, writing and commentator on social issues. I am Secretary Delta State Kidney Care Association (A Non governmental Organization aimed at creating awareness about care for Kidney. Presently, I am Director Asaba Diocesan Elderly Care Ministry.
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Who Can Describe The Love of God

The love of God, deeper than the oceans, more vast than the universe, more complex than all the theories, minds of geniuses, and all the books written and those to be written. Who can describe the love of God? …only God through His Spirit words unspoken!!

cross-of-Christ 1 k

Why have you forsaken me? | BrandonDonnalee.

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Who Can Describe The Love of God?


Who can tell the feeling
Who can accurately say of the change
Emotions immersed in a sea of love
Some feeling inside so good but strange
Because it is at emnity with this world

Who can with words lacking explain
Tears of rejoicing of a newness inside
As if the skies more blue, clouds so near
The cleansing waters His Spirit like rain
Unless you dip into His love, never be clear!

You ask me to describe something heavenly
The love of God to earthly minds
That even myself feeling, no words revealing
Something so miraculously must be felt directly
It’s not technology, evolutionary, or of science

But it’s worth living for and worth dying for!
It explains Christians this world over, harms way
God’s Spirit inside, their soul rejoice, flesh torn
Tears of pain, screams of torment, but gain
Describe the love of God? …it just can’t be done!!

Covenant of Peace: Devotion for Friday August 1

God desires the best for us. We can see this in this devotion.

2014-08-15_20h03_48k   Published by Uzoma in Christianity

Covenant of Peace: Devotion for Friday August 1, 2014


Text: Ezekiel 37:26 – Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them and it shall be an everlasting covenant with them. I will establish them and multiply them and I will set my sanctuary in their midst forevermore (New King James Version).

There are four different promises for us in Scriptural reading for today.

1) God will make a covenant of peace with us. Covenant is a promise to somebody or a legal agreement. As used here, it is both a promise and legal agreement. God promised peace on the condition that they walk in God’s judgment and observe His statues (Ezekiel 36:24). Do you desire peace? Then make Jesus your Lord and Saviour, and always walk in God’s judgment.

2) God promises to establish us. New Living Translation says, “I will give them their land”. The promise God makes here is that He will restore our Eden, a place of peace, flowing with milk and honey. This land is a place of peace and tranquillity.

3) God promise that He will multiply us. God multiplies. He does not only add but multiplies. This He told Adam in Genesis 1:28. Go through the bible and you will find out this truth about God. When we observe His laws it will be ours. May He multiply you and all yours in all ramifications in Jesus name.

Ask, Seek, and Knock (Ask): Devotion for Saturday August 2, 2014 »

4) God’s promising of having His sanctuary with us. This means that He will dwell in our hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit. If then, God is with you and for you, who will be against you? He will dwell with you this month when you live for Him. We wish you a happy new month.

Food for Thought: Have you entered into these covenants with God?

Prayer Point:

1) Thank God, for He is ever faithful to His promises.

2) Pray that these promises will be yours.

3) Bind every covenant working against your peace.

About Uzoma– I am a priest, counselor, an author of books and many unpublished work. I presently write ‘MY DAILY COVENANT WITH GOD’ – A daily devotional. I love reading, writing and commentator on social issues. I am Secretary Delta State Kidney Care Association (A Non governmental Organization aimed at creating awareness about care for Kidney. Presently, I am Director Asaba Diocesan Care Committee.
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